Rural Educational and Social Welfare Trust (REST) is a non Governmental Voluntary Organization functioning in the year 2005.It is functioning for the welfare of women and children.We select the voluntary organizations from thirty Districts in whole Tamilnadu. Then we conduct the training programe to the voluntary organizations about the innovative HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign. We support the technical aspects and funding assistance to the voluntary organization.We distribute the IEC materials to the public and follow up then Documentation of the programe.


1) We have obtained free land from the government to held 700 homeless people
2) Arranging some helpless old age people with food and residence
3) We have provide education help to 500 poor students
4) We have conduct many camp and awareness program for the welfare of public at large

Our Object Clause

1) To institute scholarship to the poor and meritorious student

2) To do all activities necessary for the promotion of education

3) To run workshop, programs, seminars for the educated unemployed and rural youth in co-ordination with other organizations

4) To establish full fledged technical guidance center for providing free technical education to the poor and downtrodden

5) To bring out encourage and develop the incentives and research faculties of the pupils, teachers etc., by affording financial or other help

6) The trust shall aid in assisting the women for the formation of self help group

7) The trust shall work for the prevention of atrocities on women

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